About CGI Coffee Lounge

In our CGI coffee lounge in Hyderabad, you may unwind and revitalize with good coffee, pleasant people, and delectable food. We create the finest coffees for in-house use as well as freshly roasted bags for takeaway. The staff has you covered whether you prefer espresso, pour-over, Aeropress, cold brew, or cappuccino. Additionally, hot chocolate, chai lattes, iced coffee, tea, and juices are available. Please click on the following link to browse our menu of specialty drinks and foods.



A coffee drink that is served iced is called iced coffee or cold coffee. At Pitstop this is popular coffee that is brewed and then served over ice or mixed with cold milk, or the coffee.


We at Pitstop also serve hot coffees like Caffè Americano, Brewed Coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, and Espressos. Our unique blend of coffee is loved by the people who visit and come to relax at our CGI Coffee Lounge.

Mocha "COFFEE"

The espresso in our Mocha coffee is mixed with either chocolate powder or chocolate syrup, and then it is finished with either milk or cream. Our students and teenagers absolutely adore this activity, since it is a favorite among them.