Gully Cricket

Box Cricket or Gully cricket as it is called at Pitstop Hyderabad is a variant of the sport of cricket that can be played either indoors or within the confines of a boundary net. It is essentially a more child-friendly variant of the sport of cricket, and it is played for enjoyment during free time. A rectangular region behind the bowler runs parallel to the boundary at the far end of the box. This is where runs of 4 and 6 can be scored. At the moment that the delivery is being made, there should be no fielder standing in front of the box. The bowler is required to keep the ball inside the boundaries of the bowling crease. The standard rules for no ball, wide ball, byes, and overthrow will be in effect. This is a fun game that needs no prior experience and anyone and everyone can play it.

Box Cricket in Hyderabad